Best 1500 CFM External Blower-EB15

Best 1500 CFM External Blower-EB15
Best 1500 CFM External Blower with Brushed aluminum construction and quiet operation


BEST® exterior blowers can be roof- or wall-mounted, depending on your appearance preferences, or to best suite the ducting requirements of the application. Blower housings are crafted from durable, weather resistant, brushed aluminum for worry-free installation.
Additional Features
  • Duct Size: 10" round
  • Thermal overload protected
  • Use with models KEX, IEX, K210A, K260A, PIK, & DDEX For use with BEST® hoods and downdrafts designed to use external blowers.
  • External Blowers are located remotely outside of the range hood and come in two versions, Exterior and In-Line:


Cubic Feet per Minute1200 CFM
Depth18 in.
Duct Size10 in.
Height10 in.
Number of Air Movers1
Width29.5 in.
Specification SheetDownload